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About Us

About us

General information

Nursing is a profession that aims to find a solution with a holistic and humanistic approach for individual, family and society's current and possible issues / requirements.

Nursing department educates nurses who are responsible for the care, development  treatment and the protection of individual, family and the public health. Training period of nursing department is 4 years. Our students receive lessons from theoretical and practical courses as well as the basic sciences and social sciences related to the nursing profession during this period. According to the course content, practices of vocational courses are performed in hospitals, maternal and child health and community health centers, kindergartens, schools, workplaces and nursing homes. Our students in order to ensure easier compliance to their professional life and provide quality care after graduation practice as an intern in various hospitals in the last year. Our students complete the degree program in accordance with European Union standards and 186 credits with a total of 4774 hours.

Our graduates who will lead to nursing in the next century are trained to work  in hospitals, health centers, private health care institutions / organizations, schools, the workplaces, institutions providing elderly care and home care services. Furthermore our graduates continue their profession freely opening private health booths. Our students can continue their postgraduate training with the relevant educational programs with the requirement to achieve exam. They can receive science expertise and doctoral degrees. They are also able to continue their academic careers in Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nursing and Health Schools and receive the title of associate professor and professor.

Our graduates also can work as a nurse responsible for the education, research, care and management in many countries of the world because of the equivalence of diplomas in services.

Our department has seven main science branches and every main science branch has instructors who are experts in their field, with national and international experiences.

Master's and doctoral programs are also conducted in department of nursing.



Gazi University School of Nursing has been established by the Council of Ministers’ desicion no. 95/7044 and 04.07/1995 dated. Additional placement with 42 students enrolled in 1999-2000 academic year began teaching in Gölbaşı Campus.

Our department served as the School of Nursing between 1999-2008 and was established on 14.07.2008 as the Department of Nursing at Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences.


Information for the development and the quality of care;

  • Identify the needs of  individuals, families and communities and have ability about evidence-based care planning, execution and evaluation by using the holistic approach and critical thinking process.
  • Continue responsibility for lifelong learning and development,
  • Make change and show leadership behaviors.


Educational and Professional Goals, Objectives

Graduate nurses are intended to have the following qualifications;

  • Identify the needs of individual, family and society,
  • Plan and conduct evidence-based care by using critical thinking,
  • Establish effective relationships between people,
  • Use a holistic approach in the care,
  • Cooperate with team, patients and their families in practice,
  • Continue responsibility for lifelong learning and development,
  • Contribute to the development of professional nursing,
  • Make change and to show leadership behaviors,
  • Maintain its commitment to the law in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

Future Targets

  • Taking part in the studies on the establishment of health and nursing policies.
  • Planning projects aimed at improving the health status of the community.
  • Collaborating with national and international professional organizations to improve the quality of nursing education.
  • Undertaking activities for the development of intercultural health care.