Mission- Vision

Nursing is a profession that aims to find solutions to the current and potential problems/needs of the individuals, families and society with a holistic and humanistic approach.



To train professional nurses for development in knowledge and quality in care who:

-Uses a holistic approach and critical thinking process, determining the needs of the individuals, families and society, having the ability to evidence-based care planning, execution and evaluation skills,

- Continues the responsibility of lifelong learning and development,


- Able to create change and show leadership behavior,


- Maintains adherence to laws and professional ethical principles while performing care, education, research, management, and consultancy roles,


- Able to influence health policies for the benefit of society.



To be a leading nursing department preferred by national and international students and lecturers with its quality education, team cooperation, leadership skills, and qualified research and practice approach.


Basic values

Nursing Department adopts the following core values, with the responsibility of being a leading nursing education programs and research university of Turkey, :


Pioneer in education and research

Believing in the primacy of reason and the leadership of science

Respect for human rights and freedom

Giving importance to public health

Focused on professionalism and continuous improvement in nursing

Encouraging creativity and original thinking

Committed to academic and ethical values

Aiming to achieve excellence

Believing that education leads to social development

Teamwork oriented

Maintaining its existence as an institution that respects the environment, teaches human values and awares of social responsibility.


Purpose of the Program and Working Fields

Program Outputs

Curriculum Model and Self Duties of the Program

Nursing Oath

Quality Policy


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